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Lorri Freedman Photography » White Balance While Using a Flash – Blue Photos

White Balance While Using a Flash – Blue Photos

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Ever take pictures of friends and family inside or even outside, and your photos have a blue cast while using a flash? Maybe you even got used to the color and thought that it’s just the way the camera takes the photo. Well, it is the way the camera takes the photo, until you change one easy setting. The white balance — no matter what other setting you have set on your camera, while using the flash it’s important to have the flash setting on your camera “on”: Here I have an image of a mannequin head. I took this with my flash, but the setting on my camera was set to “Auto”. The image has a blue cast: Here I have the same image that I took with the flash, but I also had my camera setting set to “flash”. See the difference between the two images? The same goes for outside photography. Here I took a shot of a bird feeder I have in my backyard. For the first image, I used a flash with the camera setting on “Auto”. For the second image, I used a flash, and had my camera set to “Flash”. See the difference?    In some images the difference is subtle, but in other cases the blue cast is overwhelming. Just remember when you are finished using your flash, to put it back on “auto”. Simple, easy tips can be very useful.

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    This is so true, I always do this now that you show me .. Thanks again , Am enjoying your Blog… Jackie


  • Rupa


    Oh, I really like this tip! I have to try this out, now that I think I have many pics with the blue hue! Thanks for opening my eyes to this simple trick!


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