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Photoshop Quick Tip – How to Change the Color of Your Workspace

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to change your workspace color, as shown in the above image. Here I have a photo I took on Block Island. The default workspace around the photo is a pale gray: To change the color of the work space, all I have to do is “right click” anywhere on the area of the workspace. This will bring up a menu. The default “Gray” has a check next to it: I can set it to”Black” or I can select a custom color: I’d like to make a custom color of dark gray. I’ll click on the Select Custom Color option and the color picker will come up. I’ll drag the white circle to a dark gray area. I’ll be able to see the color I choose in the preview box. Then I’ll click OK: Here is what it looks like with the dark gray workspace: If I should change my mind and decide I want the workspace back to its default setting, all I have to do is right click anywhere on the workspace. Then choose the “Gray” option: Here’s a sample of different colors to choose from:
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