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How to Create a Fisheye Lens Effect Using Photoshop

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Above is the result of this tutorial. Here I have a photo of the Boston skyline, taken with a 18-200mm lens at 18mm: The first thing I’ll do is select the elliptical marquee tool from the tool bar: As I’m making my selection on the photograph, I’ll hold down the Shift key on my keyboard to keep the circle proportionally round. I’ll try to make the selection as big as I can without extending outside the photo. Then I’ll center it over the portion of the photo that I think is most interesting. While I’m centering the circle, I’ll make sure that I still have the elliptical marquee tool selected: The next thing I’ll do is reverse the selection, so that I’m selecting everything in the photo except the circle so that I can get rid of the background. I’ll go to Select/Inverse: Now I’ll hit the Delete key on my keyboard. The background will turn white: Now I can use the move tool to center the circle: Now I do the Select/Inverse again, because I want to make the background black: I’ll use the paint bucket tool from the tool bar to fill the background black: Now for the last time I’ll do a Select/Inverse: The next step is to give the circle the fisheye look. Here I’ll go to Filter/Distort/Spherize: Here the Spherize dialog box comes up. I’ll make the amount 100% and I’ll set the Mode to “Normal”: I’ll hit CTRL-D on my keyboard to deselect. Then I’ll just crop out some extra black background.: Here is the finished photo: I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and have fun playing with Photoshop.
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