Cloning Trick – Clone In a Good Eye Using Photoshop

Above is the final result of this tutorial.

Here, I have a photo of an owl that I took a while ago. It would have been a nice shot if the owl didn’t wink at me. Here’s a trick I learned and I’ll share with you.

The first thing I’ll do is go to the Window menu on the tool bar and click on the Clone Source option:

The Clone Source panel will come up:

I’m going to flip the source of the destination by changing the width value to negative 100 (-100). I’ll also put the value of negative 5 (-5) in the Rotate Source area. Every picture is different so this might need a little trial and error. But try the (-5) first:

Now I’ll go and click on the Clone Tool:

I’ll go to the tool bar at the top of the screen and make sure that I have the Aligned box checked. Also make sure that you are at 100% opacity and the Mode is set to Normal:

Now I will ALT-Click on the center of the good eye. This will become my source. Then I’ll just start to paint with the clone tool over the closed eye. You’ll see that the eye is being painted as a mirror of the good eye. This will make it look completely natural:

Here is the end result.

When you’re finished, don’t forget to put the setting back to their original state in the Clone Source panel.

I hope you like this little trick. You can use this with animals, people, anything. I think it’s very cool. Have fun!

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