How to Get Rid of Any Color Fringing Using Photoshop

Above is a section of a photo that I took of a blue heron. After I finished working on the photo, I noticed a blue fringe that went around the bird’s head and beak.

Here’s a close up of the bird’s beak, so that the blue fringe can be seen:

The first thing I’ll do is to click on the eye dropper tool in the tools pallet:

Once I have the eye dropper tool active, I’ll click on the blue fringe and the color will show up in the color picker box:

Now I’ll go to Image / Adjustments / Replace Color menu item:

Here, the Replace Color dialog box appears. The color I selected, blue, will already be in the Color box. I’ll Move the Fuzziness slider to the right slowly, until I start to see the blue fringe. The blue fringe will appear white in the Fuzziness box:

What I’m going to do is bring the Saturation slider to the left, to desaturate the blue fringe. I’ll also move the Lightness slider to the left to darken the desaturated line.

Remember, every image is different. The Lightness slider may have to be moved to the left or right, but I’ll always move the Saturation slider to the left to desaturate.

Here are my settings for this image. Look at the bird’s beak. Big difference:

This can be done with any color fringing using this method.

Check it out and see how it works for you. Have fun.

4 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Any Color Fringing Using Photoshop”

  1. Singing your praises! Most Photoshop tips need translators, and your tip on removing fringe from images is simple, direct, and contributes so much to the community.
    I am so grateful, for your advice worked like a charm.
    Thank you so much, Lorri Freedman!

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