HDR and the Purple Fringe

Have you noticed that after you process an HDR image you get a purple fringe around parts of your image? Sometimes it’s more noticeable than other times, but either way it’s annoying.

Well, there’s no reason to be annoyed anymore, thanks to a Photoshop action called the Purple Fringe Killer. I found this action for free on the Internet. I wish I knew who to credit, but it’s just been floating around. I definitely have found that it’s made a difference in some of my images.

Here is an image straight out of Photomatix and untouched in Photoshop yet. In this image, you can’t really see the purple fringe. You’ll need to zoom in close. In some images it’s obvious even before you zoom in, depending on the colors in the image.

Here I’ve zoomed into the top of the lighthouse where you can definitely see the purple fringe.

Here is the Photoshop action I was mentioning. All I have to do is run the action, and it gets rid of the purple fringe.

Halfway through the action, it asks you to “Press continue if there is red-tinged fringing left”. I always click continue.

Here, the action has finished doing its work. It doesn’t get rid of the purple 100%. But it does do a very good job of getting rid of 95% of the fringing.

I definitely recommend the “Purple Fringe Killer”.

Here are the “before” and “after” images.

Click here to download the action.You should copy the action into the \Presets\Actions folder where Photoshop is installed on your computer.

Enjoy, and have fun with photography!

16 thoughts on “HDR and the Purple Fringe”

  1. What a neat program! Many thanks for posting it, so that it fills in an unaccountable gap left by Photoshop (though a similar feature has been available in Paintshop Pro for years). It appears more effective and a good deal easier than Photoshop CS4’s chromatic aberration correction of its lens correction filter. And many thanks also to its anonymous maker.

  2. The purple fringe problem in HDR was driving me nuts. This little gem you found cleared it up and as far as I can tell, did no harm.

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Wow thanks so much! This has really helped! Seriously, great job! Saves me a lot of manual work!

  4. I have purple fringing from some lenses irrespective of whether I am doing HDR or not and it really spoils a nice image sometimes, but this find has made a fantastic difference. Thanks !!!

  5. thanks and i will let you know if it works ok for me BUT I would like to use it in a RAW file will it work there !!!!!
    take care

  6. I’ve been using this action for nearly 10 years & it’s still the best and easiest way to kill purple fringe. Thank you, Lorri!!!

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