Changing Eye Color Using Photoshop

Above, I have a photo of an eye. It’s a pretty green eye, but for this tutorial I’ll be changing it to blue.

The first thing I’ll do is hit CTRL-J on my keyboard to make a duplicate layer of the eye. This will allow me to have more control later on. I’ll name “Layer 1” to “eye”. To name the eye layer just double click on the word “layer” and then you’ll be able to type in the word “eye”:

The next thing I’ll do is pick the color blue from the swatches palette:

After I pick the blue color from the swatches palette, I’ll see it in the color picker in the tool box:

Next, I’ll go to the options bar at the top of the screen and change the brush mode from Normal to Color. This will allow the details of the eye to come through:

Now it’s time to paint the eye blue. It’s ok if it’s a little sloppy at first. The next step will fix that problem.

The next step is to add a mask to the eye layer:

Now I can clean up around the eye with the mask using the paint brush. Remember that “black reveals and white conceals”.

The advantage of having a separate layer is that, it’s possible to lower the opacity of the eye color.

Here the opacity is at 100%:

Here the opacity is at 65%:

Here the opacity is at 40%:

I think I like the eye at 40% opacity, so that’s how I’m going to leave it. This is an easy way to change the color of someone’s eye, and you can make it any color you want.
Here is the end result:

Remember when you’re finished to set the brush mode back to Normal.


18 thoughts on “Changing Eye Color Using Photoshop”

  1. I am very new at photos & am still trying to learn new things so this site is very enlightening to me & am so happy to have found it Lorri. You’re good!

  2. Thanks again for teaching me new stuff! I have actually started saving the pictures on your tutorials to my hard drive so I can learn everything. So far I have done the one with your grandma at age 16, the happy pepper one, and the eye color changing one. I hope you never stop doing this because you’re really helping me!!!
    Thanks again,
    Katie aka

  3. I can not thank you enough for teaching me a grat tip!
    easy to understand and esy to implement.

    Ziva, Israel

  4. thanks. you make your presentation so simple to understand and follow. you detail the instructions that a neophyte will not find it difficult to learn photoshop.

  5. Hi Cory,

    I looked at your web site and I like it very much. Beautiful work.


  6. I used this just today. Took 5 minutes to change eye color. I had another tutorial that I was using but this one is quicker and easier.

    Thank you so much.

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